Redwoods, Inc. – Friendly Service, Assistance & Advice!

Who We Are…

Redwoods, Inc. has been supplying Waco and its surrounding area with the best lumber and building materials available since 1965.

We’re a small, family owned corporation.  Charles Evans started Redwoods, Inc. in 1965.  A second generation, Greg Evans and his wife Cynthia have been running Redwoods since 2003.  The folks at Redwoods are a family.  The small, close-knit staff knows the business–and its customer’s needs–inside and out.

Redwoods, Inc. has been doing business in the same location since its first day.  We’re a reliable, steady company that’s stood the test of time and the challenges of a changing economy by sticking together and by providing our customers with the best possible products and services.

What We Do…

We stock a wide variety of lumber and building materials.  Much of what you’ll find at Redwoods isn’t available at other lumberyards.  We carry the basics, but we make a point of having helpful specialty items in stock, too.

We’re proud of our selection, but we’re more than a builder’s supply outlet.  We pride ourselves on providing our customers with more than great materials.  We also provide great service.  We try to offer assistance and advice to our customers, helping them to get the most out of specialty woods and supplies we carry.

It’s not an accident that we’ve been in operation for over fifty years.  We have a “built to last” approach to doing business.

We don’t believe in high-pressure sales and we don’t rely on flashy promotions or gimmicks.  We’ve survived by providing friendly, honest, consistent service and high-quality products to our customers.  It’s that simple.

We take a common sense approach to doing business.  We try to give our customers the best deals and the best advice we possibly can.  We follow through on our commitments.  We make a point of maintaining open and timely communication with our clients.  We try to do the right thing–every day.

Feel free to contact Redwoods, Inc. to discuss your next project.

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